Mastering the Merger Four critical decisions that make or break the deal
Mastering the Merger
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Mastering the Merger
Corporate leaders find themselves in a classic catch-22. Seventy percent of major acquisitions fail—yet it's nearly impossible to build a world-class company through organic growth alone. Within this paradox lies an intriguing question: What do successful deal makers do differently?

David Harding and Sam Rovit have spent more than three decades working in the trenches with executives grappling with the merger process, and they argue that the top deal makers employ specific tactics and behaviors that dramatically improve the odds that a merger will succeed. Rather than engaging in complex megamergers, these companies instead execute a series of smaller, lower-risk deals, gradually scaling up and institutionalizing a "success formula." And rather than wasting time on excessive number crunching, they implement a highly disciplined deal-making process focused on four key imperatives.

Drawing from extensive Bain & Company research on more than 1,700 companies and illustrated through stories of real merger successes and failures, Mastering the Merger shows how the top deal makers
  1. Target deals according to a sound investment thesis
  2. Determine which deals to close and which to walk away from
  3. Prioritize which aspects of the businesses to integrate and which to leave independent
  4. Develop contingency plans for when deals inevitably go off track
Harding and Rovit walk readers through each of these make-or-break decisions and distill the most important lessons would-be acquirers should learn before they enter the merger fray.

A must-read for every corporate executive, Mastering the Merger illuminates the core decision strategies that will help companies win in the essential but risky world of M&A.

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